“Living on Purpose & Serving with Significance

One Meaningful Decision at a Time”

Welcome to Conversations by Design Coaching & Consulting.



My name is Rachel and I love having meaningful & significant conversations that inspire joyful, purposeful & victorious living.


As a trusted Confidante/Coach for women in Leadership and Ministry, it’s truly an honor to work with incredible women like you who are living a wonderful life serving others in your own unique way. 



Sometimes we (as strong/courageous women) can lose sight of our vision/mission because we’re overwhelmed, overcommitted, and at times, struggle with what the world tells us about the busyness of life and how we should handle it all. 


Maybe you can relate…you’re driven, committed to the work you’re doing, and at the same time you know God is shifting you into a new season of growth, transformation and well-being. 


I support women like you in letting go of what’s not serving you any longer (bearing no fruit) and help you re-focus on what’s most important in this season of your life…while you stay authentic and true to your purpose as you continue to make a difference in the world.


My hunch is that you have a huge heart for God. You have a strong desire to continue to run the race He has before you, and you want to do it with excellence. You're dedicated to finishing strong, on purpose with no regrets while leaving the world a better place.   


If you're here right now, I trust there is a reason. I know on a very deep level, and it has been my personal experience, that God places people in our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. 


  • Ready to push pause, take a time out, have some breathing room and not feel guilty about it?
  • Ready to kick perfectionism, people pleasing and obligation to the curb?
  • Ready to embrace a more peaceful, balanced and successful lifestyle?


If your heart is beating a bit fast right now and you identify with some of these questions, let's talk about it.


Go ahead and click on the "Let’s Connect" page to schedule your consultation today.


It's an honor to serve you and I'm delighted to partner with you…let's get started!