Below you will find some feedback from a few of my clients...



"I wanted to share my experience with Rachel as my coach, which began 7 month’s ago.  This began at a time when I needed discernment during a transitional period of my life.  Her approach is gentle, honest and inquisitive.  I love how her approach challenged me to search for a solution that aligned with my character and beliefs.  Part of my walk with God is that He is not a God of confusion and that He desires this Peace of mind for me.  Rachel consistently coaches me to achieve this.  I am grateful for her heart and loyalty, which she radiates through her coaching skills."

Elle, Florida




“Rachel helps me dive beneath the "I shoulds, I musts, I oughts” and to hear the voice of God within. Such peace! She helps me hear and feel what the Holy Spirit is saying so that I can TAKE THE NEXT STEP. And there's no disdain for my secrets! Just genuine presence and "meeting" me where she finds me.  She, indeed, is a rare find.”

 – Carol, Oregon



"A few months ago I was at a crossroads in my life. Not sure which way to turn or if I even wanted to turn at all. I was stuck and unsure about my future. And then I met Rachel. She has created some amazing awareness for me. She continues to educate me on the ways of putting God first in my life and how to tap into my intuition. She’s been my life coach for the past few months and the results speak for themselves. I have found my passions and true-life purpose but most of all, I reconnected with God and am deepening my relationship with Him. Thanks Rachel!


Megan, Florida




"I have had the privilege of working with Rachel for that past few months which, through her time working with me, have proven to be full of growth and promise. Rachel’s gentle spirit and sincerity provided a safe place for me to work on some very deep and personal issues. She is genuinely concerned about me and my journey as I recover from some life changing, painful issues. Rachel encourages me to see God and His will for my life. She reminds me that He is in control and that I can be confident in knowing that God wants what is best for me and has a wonderful future for me regardless of my current circumstances. I continue to look forward to this journey that Rachel is working with me on. I am excited about what I will be able to learn about myself and changes I need to make in my life. She is instrumental to my recovery and I don’t think I would have been able to do so well without her help. Rachel is truly appreciated."

– Janet, Florida




“You are an incredibly gifted coach. Thanks again Rachel for taking the time with me, and giving me a non-judgmental space to be heard and cared for. You helped to release and unblock a newfound energy in me! I am touched and grateful.”

– Samantha, Florida




"Coaching with Rachel has helped me to find my path in life, and to really accept and love myself for who God has made me to be. I feel like I am emerging from the cocoon that I’ve been in for my entire life. I thank Rachel for keeping me on the path and for being my mentor and Angel. You are a beautiful and sweet soul. I always feel better in your presence.”

– Trisha, Florida